Latest News:
New Version Released April 2017, new features & phone app update.
Congratulations Gary Philips on your 17th Top Alcohol Championship !

John Zappia wins 10th back to back Championship !


Alky Pro is a new Windows based program for Fuel System Analysis and Tuning of
Supercharged Alcohol engines.
We all know that correct calibration of the Fuel System, relative to current atmospheric conditions, is critically
important to both performance and parts maintenance.



Alky Pro Offers 2 Tuning Methods


Alky Pro will tune like standard software & duplicate your previous results.. but have you noticed that sometimes the tune-up is not quite right, and the car doesn’t perform as it should, or you unexpectedly damage an engine ?


Alky Pro does additional calculations & corrections which result in more accurate tuning under all conditions.

You can choose to use either CONVENTIONAL or METHANOL mode at the click of a button, allowing you to compare the 2 methods and the result. In addition, Alky Pro has several other innovative features that can further “fine tune” your results, including a correction for Fuel Temperature and Specific Gravity.
All this in a simple, easy to understand layout that runs on any Windows based desktop, laptop or tablet.
Alky Pro – Smart Technology for Smart Racers.
Features Alky Pro Full Alky Pro Lite
Complete Fuel System Analysis & Tuning
All Fuel Flows, Areas & Percentages
Fuel System Pressure
Weather/Air Density Analysis – Motorsports Standards
Specific Humidity (Grains)
Automatic Weather Feed (AltaLab)
Leanout Calculator
Jet & Nozzle Type Selection
Conventional Correction Mode
Methanol Correction Mode
Results at 9,000 to 10,000 RPM
Specific Gravity Compensation
Flow in GPM & cc/Turn
Fuel Temperature Option